Do you need more information about your future timber frame? Genibois can provide you with many different design options and extensive information to help you guide your building decisions. Choose between one of our standard frames before meeting your local builder. 

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Genibois has prepared numerous plans and specifications for your heavy timber truss needs. We have extensive experience designing standard trusses for different slopes, span and spacing and as the engineering of the trusses is already completed, you can get a clear vision of your project and construction cost estimate. Our heavy timber trusses are designed for a ground snow load of 3.8 kPa so that they can be installed almost anywhere in Quebec and in many places throughout Canada. We have the ability to adapt our truss design for greater loads if required.

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At Genibois, we provide engineering services to prepare the plans and specification of your next multiresidential building of up to 6 floors. In this section, you will find a series of pre-engineering building of different sizes. Now that most of the engineering is done, we can calculated very rapidly the required construction budget. These structures were calculated to support up to 3.8 kPa of snow and the seisme loads of Quebec City. This means that they can be built almost anywhere in the province of Quebec and in many places in Canada also. We can easily optimize our structures to your particular location if needed.


Discover our pre-engineered multiresidential structures