Glue laminated (Glulam) wood structures are becoming more and more popular.  Glulam beams are available in varying lengths and widths and their structural properties are quite exceptional.  Genibois has extensive working knowledge with glulam projects, providing you with a real expertise.


Under any structure a good foundation is necessary to provide support and protect the building for years to come.  We can design standard foundations, deep pile foundations and structural slabs.


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A structure will never be stronger than its connections which are therefore considered a very important part of a wood structure.  The loads in the connection can be quite complex and the engineering must require a good understanding of all possible failure modes.


When they are apparent to the viewer, the connection can become an important architectural feature.  If the client desires a more subtle connection or when fire resistance is required, they can be dissimulated inside the wood members.



LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized rating system to encourage sustainable building practices. To obtain certification from LEED it is very important to plan and document all the credits required to meet prerequisites for the minimum level of certification. At Genibois, we are familiar with LEED certification and can guide you through this important process.


More and more building designs are striving to meet certification requirements and practice sustainable building for a better future.


We believe that effective management practices are extremely important in order to control the quality, cost and schedule of a project.  Genibois can manage every aspect of your project, from the very beginning to absolute completion, using management methods as laid out by the Project Management Institute.