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Why choose Genibois

Excellence in Engineering

At Genibois, we are at the forefront of structural engineering.  We are innovators and pride ourselves in the development of high quality projects.


We formulate superior construction documents specific to your needs that will save you time and money.  Our team will take the lead in completing the following tasks:


  • Drawings and specifications of heavy timber frame and log structures;
  • Plans and specifications of glue laminated wood structures for residential and commercial building;
  • Foundation plans and specifications;
  • Engineering of custom steel connectors for the assembly of wood structures;
  • Construction project management;
  • LEED certification


Remember to check our Services page for more information!


Why should you consult a structural engineer?


Engineering services are mandatory for the design of wood-frame buildings that exceed certain limits. These limitations are set out in paragraph of Division B of the National Building Code of Canada 2010.


Among these restrictions, it is important to consider the presence of structural elements with a range of more than 12.20m or 600mm spacing for small wooden structural elements. When the distance between structural elements is greater than 600mm the design must be in accordance with sub-section 4.3.1 (Part 4 – rules of calculation). For any Part 4 project, the designer must be an engineer ( art).


The team at Genibois endeavours to make sure that your home, workshop or commercial building complies with the CAN/CSA-086-14 standard, more commonly known as ‘Engineering Design in Wood’.


Genibois has experience in and recognises all types of wood construction using a variety of techniques and materials.  So do not hesitate to contact us for further information!